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Break The Seal

Godlikes Equips Quest

How to Make Godlikes?

This starts in prontera 168 287, the Valkyrie will request you:

  • Pieces of Ancient Lips x100
  • Pieces of Peridot x25
  • Pieces of Biotite x25
  • Pieces of Young Twig x20
  • Pieces of Mother's Nightmare x20
  • Pieces of Matchstick x15
  • Pieces of Hand of God x200
  • Pieces of Cursed Seal x300
  • Pieces of Fragment of Rossata x20
  • Pieces of Pyroxene x25
  • Pieces of Ice Scale x15
  • Pieces of Valkyrie Reginleif's Armor x15
  • Pieces of Valkyrie Ingrid's Armor x15

Valkyrie will give you 1 castle drops to start making your Godlike set.

Next npc is located in Payon Forest, go to pay_fild10 182 157 and talk with Kimuel

He will request you:

  • 100 Three-Headed Dragon's head
  • 10 Emblem of Sun God
  • 1 Reginleif Valkyrie Armor[1]
  • 100 Treasure Box
  • 5 Black Credits

Once you give it to him, he will give you back the great Brynhild Armor.

Now, to make the next equip, the awesome Megingjord, you need go to Geffen Filds, specifically gef_fild07 185 249 and talk with Jhep. He will ask you for the following:

  • 50 Fire Dragon Scale
  • 10 Ripple
  • 1 Nile Rose[1]
  • 1 Glorious Ring[1]
  • 1 Swordman Medal of Honor
  • 100 Treasure Box
  • 5 Black Credits

Give them to them, in exchange I will give you the awesome Megingjord Accesory. He will talk to you about where you should go for the next godlike quest. Go to picturesque city of Lighthalzen in 189 297 location and talk with Frame

He talk about the materials need to craft the next Godlike. Take note:

  • 20 Skeletal Armor Piece
  • 10 Billow
  • 1 Valkyrie Ring
  • 1 Magician Medal of Honor
  • 1 Glorious Ring
  • 100 Treasure Box
  • 5 Black Credits

Give it to them, he make to you the greatest Brisingamen.

The next mision is in comodo 172 229, arround the volcan. Talk with Jmkhov, he solicite you give them:

  • 100 Matchstick
  • 10 Silver Ornament
  • 1 Ingrid Valkyrie Manteau[1]
  • 100 Treasure Box
  • 5 Black Credits

to give you the great Asprika Manteau.

Now it only remains to get the last godlike item the Sleipnir Boots. You can get this item in valkyrie 50 51, talking with Bryan, who will ask you for the following:

  • 300 Handcuffs
  • 10 Emblem of Sun God
  • 50 Valhalla's Flowers
  • 10000 Gold
  • 5 Black Credits
  • 1 Valkyrie Shoes
  • 1 Variant Shoes

Congratulations, you are crafted the famous Sleipnirs Boots and finished the Quest “Break the Seal”.

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