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The race of the Day is Farm System to Newbies can make basic equips & buy consumibles. This system is based in add Exp, Drops & Zeni per chance, killing specific Race. Freya Oracles tell you in the brodcast the current ROTD.

  • Freya Oracle shows you the race of the day & the rewards about of this.
  • Npc is placed in Prontera 162 165

TCG is the reward per killing the race of the Day ID: 7227 Its autolooted per killing ROTD

TCG can be traded per #CashPoints in @market, only you need talk with Trader ;)

You can use #CashShop to buy Supplys, PVP Equips & Others, take a look beside your map.

To Make your #CashShop to TCG only go to label Others.

Also, you can go to @pvp and buy the Divergent Set using TCG.

See you soon!

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