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In this server RandomOption its not limited only to Enchants. If youre Farmer or Hunter, and you farm very strong, can drops very good equips with powerfull Random Options.

At time, all most can you drop have RandomOption, from a Knife[4] to a Blade[4],[3] or Staff[4].

In classic weapons, the RandomOpt can have this effect:

    1~3 Str, Agi, Int, Dex, Vit or Luk - High Chance
    1~3 Atk, Matk, Apsd, CritDmg - Mid Chance
    1~3 Damage against random Element (same wind, or ghost or every element random)

This is a example:

Elemental & Orc Bow have another variable:

Slot 1:

      1~10 Str, Agi, Vit, Dex , Int, Luk - High Chance
      1~5 Matk, Atk, Crit, ASPD - Low Chance

Slot 2:

      1~15 Damage Against random race.

Slot 3:

      1~15 Damage Against Larg, Medium or Small Size 

This is a example:

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